Monday, 2 November 2015

From Old York to New York

I was recently lucky enough to have a trip to New York and an opportunity to visit a couple of gardens. 

In this first post, I want to share the delights of Paley Park.

Not what one would normally imagine a park to be but a very valuable public open space in overbuilt and overpowering midtown Manhattan. 

Almost at the 5th Avenue end of 53rd Street this is described as a pocket park and was designed and built in 1967. That it still exists and functions as a refuge from busy New York life is a testament to the success and ingenuity of the design.

The waterfall masks the traffic noise and urban hustle and bustle. 
The trees bring shade in summer and a more human scale to the buildings which surround it. 

The floorscape is interesting. 
From the street to the gates are modern flags. From then on in more traditional and timeless setts have been laid giving a feeling of longevity.

The park is essentially square, with a full time janitor/caretaker's hut on the left as you enter and a hugely popular cafe on the right. 

Meticulously clean, the space is inviting, calming and just wonderful.

Predominantly the colours are green or white.
Green, which is so restful on the eye and white, for a touch of brightness.

 Pots, planted to reflect the seasons provide additional splashes of colour and the white metal seats give an extra airy spacious feel to the space. 
And real birds!

Severe neck cricks from looking up to try and see the sky!  
What the photos cannot convey is the peaceful and tranquil feeling of this space. 

This is simply one of the best designed, most exquisite spaces I have ever visited. And tea (or coffee) on hand whenever you want it!!

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