Thursday, 12 November 2015

The High Line

Another New York stop was the High Line.

This is something I've wanted to see for ages. 
The fact that it was saved from demolition and turned into a hugely popular and publicly accessible facility is nothing short of amazing.
Probably the most unique above ground level park anywhere.

It's a redundant elevated freight line running between Gansevoort Street and 30th Street and has become, for me, one of New York's icons.

Raised section over 20th Street

Strange our taxi driver neither knew of it nor could he find it despite our precise directions!  
It stands around 30 feet above street level, is green, has trees and plants growing on it, with people walking and jogging along. 
Difficult to spot really!! 
Better believe the stories about NY taxi drivers!

The undeveloped section facing the River Hudson

 It's clearly visible from state highway 9A which runs parallel with the River Hudson, passes the Twin Towers memorial and leads to Battery Park. 
An interesting and lengthy journey!!

It's lush and dramatic and makes frequent nods to its rail heritage whilst incorporating art works, a market, drink and eateries, view points, an abundance of seating, a children's adventure area and an interactive Lego build. Wow!! All that and free access.

Look at the amount of detail in the loungers. 
The construction is reminiscent of the freight cars and don't you just love the bogie wheels! 
Within this short stretch of track you can position them wherever you like. 
With comfort clearly guaranteed.

Exuberant naturalisitc planting with all year round interest is a strength and works fantastically well.

The clear and knowledgeable hand of Piet Oudolf can easily be detected with many of his signature plants, but  blended here with some native American species too.

I loved this so much I even joined "Friends of the Highline" and treated myself to a book outlining the design, plant selection and specifications plus technical constraints encountered.

Just a work of art in itself and my kind of bedtime reading!!

This deserves at least one more be warned!

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