Friday, 23 October 2015


I like quirky gardens.

And I like things in them which make me smile.

Nice to know sometimes I am on the same wavelength as the owners.

Think they were Wind in the Willows fans?

This little gem could have been easily missed in the luscious and abundant planting, but like all good gardens attention to detail matters.

Lots of themed rooms in this garden and all very different, from floorscape to planting. 

Secluded seating, a summer house, a bog garden and a dry garden all added to its charm.

Another of my late summer visits, I especially enjoyed the colour and form counterpoints in the mixed planting which added visual impact to each plant. 

Heleniums and Nigella

with Eryngium

Crocosmia and Verbena bonariensis

Opening a private garden to visitors is very revealing.

This one I loved. 

Everyone needs a smile and a bit of quirky now and then.

And cake.

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