Sunday, 22 November 2015

More of the High Line

So much of New York is overwhelming in terms of scale, noise and greyness.

The High Line addresses some of these issues and in doing so has had many effects on the surrounding area.

Not only providing a green and pleasant island in a sea of skyscrapers it has encouraged developers to re-purpose empty commercial buildings into residential properties. 

Any flats or apartments with a view of the Line are now very "des res". 

The flat dwellers themselves have "greened up" their own outside spaces which contrast sharply against the high rise backdrop. 

I loved the murals (or graffiti depending on your point of view) on surrounding buildings.

A rainbow of colours.

And anything which makes people smile has to be good.            

Another blast from the past but how lovely is this artwork. 


           And into the space age.

The way the whole of this linear space has been treated, retaining the historical link by clever division, use of materials and plants is brilliant.

Designated areas, secluded or mass seating just flow from one section to another. Genius.

The cafe area and local art market in a tunnel through one of the buildings.
There's a tangible buzz and an excited feel all along the Line.

But it's the trees, shrubs and plants which bring it all to life. 
They embellish and anchor the design with vibrancy, form, texture and colour and make it a "must visit" place.

So much of the High Line is simply magic. 

No self respecting tourist can ever claim to have seen New York without visiting here. 

It will stay in my heart for a long long time.

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