Thursday, 3 September 2015

Garden visits

We are so lucky here in Yorkshire to have so many wonderful gardens to visit and a wealth of ones open to an enthusiastic public under the National Gardens Scheme.
All are worth a visit as nothing is more personal than opening your own private space to visitors. 
More exposing and revealing than allowing folk to look around your house is a prowl around your herbaceous borders! 
One is constantly inviting criticism, as well as accolades, but the driving force is always the love of plants and gardening. How brave!
But more importantly being willing and generous enough to share that love and your own garden with other garden nerds.
I always seem to lock into the ambience and atmosphere individual gardens generate and for me this is the overwhelming impression. 
I don't care about the odd weed; it's all about the feel and the spatial impression, personal interpretation and use of the plot. And the evident love of the site.
To this end I will review a few gardens which struck a particular chord for me personally.
My first one is a smallish garden which I visited earlier this year and enjoyed immensely.

Relatively speaking, a small space but cleverly developed and with very personal                                                   ideas. 

Intimate spaces with abundant plantings, a cleverly executed water feature and                                  secluded seating discreetly placed. 

                  And a wonderful feeling of being totally alone and private! 

               Perfect to hide away with a cuppa and contemplate the universe. 

The odd sculpture, so often overdone, was in perfect harmony with the planting                                    and displayed a touch of whimsy.

I adored the bottom of the garden which opened out onto a newly developed                      meadow style area with old rattan relaxed! 

                                               And relaxing!

                Not in the least bit manicured but naturalistic and simply green.
                           An invite to take your shoes off and relax?

                                        Gets my vote everytime!!

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