Sunday, 13 September 2015

Another garden

I have a confession to make before I go any further; I have always been obsessed and madly in love with walled gardens. 

I love the historical context of them and, in many cases, the totally romantic, decadent and slightly faded grandeur image.

One such garden is that at Norton Conyers, just slightly north of Ripon.


              Surrounded by high brick walls of a wonderful mellow hue

            the garden entrance is a short walk from a grassed parking area. 

It's not immediately obvious (if the gate is open) so that you have to peep in to see if you are in the right place. 
                                       Very Secret Garden-ish!

Amazingly there is no charge to visit the garden, although donations for its upkeep are always welcome. 

And how unusual is that?

There's a long herbaceous border on your right as you enter, with tempting views to the left through tall planting. 

As you move on, you see the reverse of the greenhouses and a central stone building.

This houses a short history of the house/garden and by standing in the doorway a wonderful view of the double herbaceous borders can be had.

Seen from the gates opening onto parkland, the view is even more stunning.

          I think this is a hidden gem and deserves to be more widely known, but do ring and check opening times first. 

During my visit, on a hot Sunday summer's afternoon, there were only five other people present.

I felt very privileged to be able to sit and enjoy the tranquility and ambience.

Not to mention imagining what wonderful stories the garden could tell.

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