Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Whilst we are in a state of flux

Since my back "garden" is a scene of devastation and currently not accessible

over the Bank Holiday weekend I took myself out for a garden fix to Breezy Knees, a nearby garden and nursery.

 Breezy Knees

Based near the unedifyingly named village of Warthill just outside York I was amazed at the size of the site, which covers a massive 15 acres.

As the blurb says, if you were here in January you would know how it got its name. As it was, our visit was blessed with sunshine, just enough to keep us warm, whilst the wind certainly found its way around the tree and shrub screening which was started in 1999.

High summer and autumn perennials

The site is very flat, being in the vale of York, and has sandy soil. The nursery swears by a deep mulch of bark to help retain moisture and there is ample evidence that this works brilliantly. 

Hard to believe the oldest flower borders date from 2006.

A policy of not watering established plants, essentially following the dictum of Beth Chatto is practiced and one which I heartily endorse.

September garden

Each space has its own particular attraction, either plant or water, or sometimes both

Pond and shade garden

which gives an individual and distinctive ambience.
Perennial Meadow

It is a maze of interconnecting rooms and scenes, with seats conveniently placed to sit and enjoy the sights of early flowerers, meadows, and autumn bloomers. 

There are plenty of plants to tempt both nectar lovers and humans.

 And some perennials I had never come across.

Chelone obliqua
Amsonia Blue Ice 

Surely the piece de resistance of any garden visit is tea and cake - and this wins on that score too.

Happy garden visiting!

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