Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A private garden

Another summer NGS visit, this time to a very private and secluded garden. 

Hemmed in on all sides the access is through the front door and out via the kitchen. No peeping over the garden wall at this one!

The plot itself is narrow but the length of the single story home, which looks to be an outbuilding conversion.

It's in shade from the nearest building most of the day and the original outlook from the kitchen was this tall brick wall. 

Not an unpleasant view but not ideal either, since the outdoor space is to the right behind yet another wall.

 To make a truly awful comment it was all wall to wall with walls all around.

But a caped garden designer came to the rescue.
Clever design addresses the garden diagonally and uses strong geometric lines on the floorscape. 

This draws the eye along the length of the plot and makes the space appear larger when viewed at an angle.

Reinforce this with brilliant planting and the seating at the far corner of the garden completely filters the view of the house. This creates a wonderful feeling of isolation and privacy. 

A great relaxing spot.

Convenient seating nearer the house provides a cosy eating and drinking area for the owners.

Throw in a few box hedges to add to the structure and all year round appeal and you have the perfect outside space. 

I especially like how the floorscape reflects the surroundings; brick from the walls, terracotta from the roofs and muted stone paving to reflect the access route.

More importantly the view from the kitchen is now a delight, with tall grasses and herbaceous perennials creating a stunning outlook. 


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