Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The end of March

This weekend saw Mother's Day and British Summer Time coincide.

As usual my Mother's Day treat would be a garden visit, but since two of my favourites, 

Helmsley Walled Garden


Scampston Walled Garden

were not yet open it had to be RHS Harlow Carr. Again.

Not that I minded but since we had a lecture booked early Sunday morning on
"The discovery of the king in the car park" I decided Saturday would be more enjoyable and leisurely and so off we went.

One of the joys of garden visits is that in a well designed and planted garden there are always new arrivals, and not just plants, to see and enjoy. And ideas to copy!

And so it proved this time.

New willow sculptures in the form of poppy seedheads had been sited in a bed already prepared for planting.

Just imagine how these will look surrounded by flowers.

Many years ago I did a one day willow weaving course at Harlow Carr which taught me, amongst other things, to appreciate the skill and artistic interpretation needed to produce something which looked identifiable. In my case a very sad looking willow goose to which the dog took an instant dislike.

There are more willow constructions which I loved 

The battling hares

The drinking deer

The boundaries created within the vegetable garden 

and used to increase the soil depth within the raised beds.


       Even willow supports in the raised beds.                                                                                                                                                      

                and I adored the shape of these hanging baskets. 

Wonder if I could copy those?

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