Tuesday, 22 April 2014

New home, new space

We moved into our new home last week. 

So between carrying things around and lack of internet access the blog had to wait.

Having down sized we are currently falling over too much furniture and earmarking things for the salerooms. Needless to say there are lots of things I currently can not find, one of which initially was my camera.

Now found, and whilst things get sorted, both inside - and out - this is the current rear outside space.

 From the rear door, we have an "L" shaped area with this gate at the end.

Like most owners of a small Victorian terrace house this is as good as it gets for an outdoor area. 

However, after 7 months enclosed in a first floor flat the opportunity to sit in the sun is just brilliant, though the surroundings could be better!

The back yard has a good aspect, having sun most of the day and a great feeling of intimacy and enclosure which I like.

Downsides are the lack of greenery - if you discount the weeds and imported pots - no height to provide interest and no focal point other than the paving slabs. Looking at brick walls is fine (short term) but not my preferred option.

Clearly needs some changes (slight understatement?) but until my thoughts have crystallized I shall put in as many flowers as possible to see me, and our promised list of visitors, throughout the summer.

 Given time all will change and I aim to post each development as it happens.

My first job however is to dispose of all the rubbish which the previous owners kindly left us.

And figure out how to hide all these hideous recycling boxes we have inherited.

City living!

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