Monday, 7 April 2014

April Garden visit

In the last blog I mentioned two of my favourite gardens.

One of them, the Walled Garden at Helmsley, I visited on Saturday.

As a registered charity, it's one of the few "not for profit" gardens I know. 

And I love it.

 More than a garden, it has a long history and a very special ethos. 

Rescued from a sad demise by Alison Ticehurst and a group of enthusiasts more than 20 years ago it has slowly but surely regained its former grandeur and a unique raison d'etre. 

The setting is without equal, sitting as it does in the shadow of Helmsley Castle and with rising green hills to the other side it has a very special feel.

Long since my last visit when the garden was under the direction of head gardener Paul Radford it has made giant steps in terms of design, planting and caring for this five acre plot and its historical walls.

Early April is not its best time, but the bones and structure of good design are in place and there are signs of glorious displays in the hot border to follow later in the year.  

There are however lots of little neat touches which I enjoyed.


 Plenty of resting places for people and insects.

Not just a garden and cafe to enjoy, or buy gifts and plants, it is a living breathing place.

On offer are horticulture courses, which are proven therapy for many conditions, beekeeping, painting and many others. It's a wonderful setting in which to enjoy these.

The mission statement of the garden from the beginning was to be community based and community inclusive. Both garden users and the caring army of volunteers are drawn from the locality. 
Unique and very special.

There is a Spring Fair on Saturday April 12th 2014.
Unrestricted entry is just £1.

Do go if you can and support them. They deserve it.

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