Monday, 18 April 2016

New building

There seems to be a sudden rush of gardens built, or to be built, above ground.

In many urban areas this makes a deal of sense since ground space is not only scarce but valuable.

Planning permission has been granted for the latest Maggie's Centre, in Leeds, within an already densely built environment.

Photo courtesy of Heatherwick studios

The design brief to the Heatherwick studios 

was to create a "positive environment to calm minds and foster a sense of well being" and to provide "qualities of a garden with shared and private spaces". 

Photo courtesy of Heatherwick studios

These centres offer free support to anyone affected by cancer. Often outside space is important to enable this to be delivered and can be difficult to provide given the physical constraints of the site.

Photo courtesy of Heatherwick studios

Internal spaces, both private and shared, are also important to facilitate year round usage and plants are of proven mental health benefits.

Looking at these images, there seems to be lots of little spaces, tucked away to give maximum privacy, but also larger areas which encourage socialising.

Photo courtesy of Heatherwick studios

The buildings themselves remind me of ancient Arabic dwellings found in dry and arid desert regions. 
But I think the abundant injections of greenery both compliment and soften these organic exteriors.

I hope the gardens will provide the oasis of support needed and can't wait to see the fully built project. What a lovely and worthwhile scheme to be involved with.

Good luck to all concerned.

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