Thursday, 16 June 2016

Roof garden

It's amazing how many roof or above ground gardens can be found once you start looking.

In London recently I was treated to lunch at the most amazing place.

Image taken from Babylon roof garden site

I'm ashamed to admit I've been a regular visitor to London for more years than I care to mention but I never knew this was there.

The garden is on the sixth floor of the Derry and Toms building and has a soil depth of a mere 18ins.

This is difficult to believe when there are clearly some very mature trees, dating from the initial planting, in 1938, which are almost to the height of the seventh floor.

The planting elsewhere is lush and vibrant and the themed areas are a joy.

The Alhambra one is particularly well done, with lots of Moorish connotations both exotic and erotic. 

There's a romantic almost gothic inspired secluded walk.

The garden is free to visit, provided there is no private function being held, but for a bird's eye view - book into the restaurant on the seventh floor and have a really fab day.

Oh......and there are real live flamingoes!

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