Friday, 1 April 2016

Peckham coal line

Not exactly a title to make you think of a garden, or even greenery and certainly not a green community space.

But how about this.

Following on the heels and success of the High Line comes a proposal to turn a disused elevated section of rail line in London - in Peckham to be precise - into a linear park. 

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Perhaps not quite the same cachet and certainly not the same length or having as many opportunities as the New York one it is however commendable for a number of reasons. 

Not least that it will provide a desperately needed non concrete environment for locals to enjoy but that they are being involved right from the start. 

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People have been encouraged to suggest uses and ideas for the project, volunteer practical skills and help and more importantly, to donate funds via crowd funding. 

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Southwark council and the Mayor of London's fund have both promised £10k with Sustrans 
pitching in £7k but amazingly the project has already reached its funding target and is now moving forward.

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So many congratulations to the initiators of the scheme. 

Let's hope it encourages other people around the country to look for similiar opportunities to provide city dwellers with green lungs.

Once completed I look forward to visiting, with real photos to show the line in all its glory. 
Until then conceptual computer generated images will have to suffice. 

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