Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Walkie Talkie and Sky Garden

The Walkie Talkie building 


has come in for a deal of criticism - not least by the broadsheets who gave it a very sniffy review. 

Perhaps they were right, as it's just received the doubtful accolade for the worst architecturally designed building in London.

But whatever its perceived faults in architectural terms, one cannot deny the stunning views from the top floors or the technical challenges of the planting.

And at what economic cost were these floors not developed as either retail or office space - or even residential?

The height and shape is stunning and competes with The Shard for excess and command of the skyline. Even better than the Shard is that entry is free, but a pre-booking must be made. 

Looking down on The Shard from across the Thames

You're so high that planes coming into land at London airport are scarily on the same level 

Breathtaking is an often overdone word but this simply is.

But for me it's the planting that steals the show. Just look at this.

And this

Can you imagine hauling planting medium and full sized trees up 34 stories?

And then setting up the watering and heating to ensure everything thrives and remains healthy.

If you want a special treat and a daytime view of London, book into one of the restaurants for lunch. An evening meal is just as spectacular with the twinkling lights of London as the magical backdrop.

But for a simple visit as part of your London trip, you can do no better than just sit and enjoy the view.

It's a very special place with a great ambience.

Is this what's meant by Urban Jungle?

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