Sunday, 3 August 2014

Tatton Park

Not been to Tatton Park for some years so decided this year to take a look.

Last Sunday was a super summer's day and with my planty minded friends we were determined to have a good day out.

For the first time I invested in a privileged parking ticket which at £5 was money well spent. We arrived, having left home at 7am, at 9.30am on the third row of cars just outside the Deer Park entrance. Magic!

There was plenty of staff to speed our way in and off we went.

My target was the show gardens all of which I managed to see by lunchtime.
A bit disappointing really with only one, Maggies Forest Garden, looking how I felt an RHS show garden should look. It had a strong design, good use of the space and a cohesive planting scheme.

It was well executed and planted and deserved the Best Show Garden.

Although surrounded by lots of people you could feel the calmness and comfort exuding from this space and joy of joys, it included a green roof.

Staged planting in raised beds and a window to look out of or in through gave this garden great flexibility of use.

 The soothing notes of the water course added to the ambience.

Really liked this garden.

The rest I found a little uninspiring and on occasion downright mediocre.

But a great carnival atmosphere prevailed and with the sunshine ensured that everyone had a good day out.

Especially the folk who staggered out with plants at the sell off!

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