Monday, 23 June 2014

Gresgarth Hall

I've been on a bit of a garden treat fest so far this year so brace yourself for another ecstatic post of a stunning garden.

Gresgarth Hall in Lancashire is the home of Arabella Lennox-Boyd, a many times award winning garden designer.

Not perhaps one of the better known gardens and still a private home it has Artle Beck running through the grounds, which is used to great effect.

Where to begin with this garden?

Stunning vistas, superb planting, artfully created focal points, magnificent garden rooms - and that's just for starters. Every design artifice known to garden designers has been employed - and to enviable effect.

Beautifully crafted and executed it is simply a dream.

On a small scale the detail given to plant choices - ensuring compatibility with the site, its neighbour, colour, form and texture is just mind blowingly brilliant.

Just look at these combinations and counterpoints.

   And how about this for a display of candelabra primulas.

 A fantastic Abutilon vitifolium "Tennants White" which can only be described at best half hardy stood 5m tall near the lake.

In a very wet Lancashire, in May, it defied description.

This is not a "Go if you can Garden".

It's a Must. 

Go and see - and marvel.

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