Thursday, 3 July 2014

You can garden anywhere

To prove this statement take a look at 

What can be more challenging or difficult than to grow organic vegetables in the middle of Kings Cross?

Skip Garden Project 12-b
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Involve young people?

Run a small cafe on site?

Skip Garden Cafe hatch-b
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And sell some of the produce to a nearby restaurant, the Caravan?

The Skip Garden is housed in the area marked "Under construction" and is moved according to work requirements.

The ethos of this garden is as ambitious as the mix of mature volunteers and youngsters aged from 14 - 19 years old. 

Inner city kids are hard pushed to get to grips with "Nature" let alone try gardening. 

The fact that Global Generation seems to have found a key to attracting youth interest and then linking their involvement and commitment to an end academic qualification is genius.

A Business and Sustainability BTEC is not all the participants come away with.

The joy of growing one's own organic salads and vegetables from seed, and then eating eating them is a real achievement which needs commitment, consistency and patience. 

Quintessential gardening.

Fresh from the Kitchen 4
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Add to this the knowledge that a career can be made from selling the fruits of your labour and that is one very valuable lesson.

Doing something you love and feel passionate about for a living is a joy.


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