Sunday, 15 June 2014

And so to the Garden Museum

This announces its presence in the shadow of Lambeth Palace thus:-

A large border designed by Dan Pearson leads you to the main door of the 
de-consecrated church, which is currently showing an exhibition inspired by and contributed to by Alan Titchmarsh.

This contains an eclectic collection of garden memorabilia  

But the main reason for being here was that I had long wanted to visit and never had the time.

The museum's mission statement is to 

"capture what gardens mean to people, in a collaborative forum of activities, debate, collections and archives"

Quite a challenge.

Outside the garden still has a monastic feel. Small but very interesting.

Given that it is surrounded by busy main roads it has an amazingly quiet and peaceful feel and there is a symbolic knot garden.

A pretty little Vinca minor 'Dartington Star' caught my eye as I had seen this earlier at Beth Chatto's and not known the variety.

I loved the solidity and age of the building.

But also how it has been reinvented as a display and learning centre.


 There are times when I wish I were closer to London to visit more frequently, and this is one of them.

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