Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Getting organised?

I love looking through garden magazines, especially the ones with what I think are brilliant ideas.

Where would we be without these to tell us of new products or what's in and what's out?

I am not naturally a tidy person and one of my new year's resolutions was to try to be more organised, especially with my garden bits and pieces.

My main bugbear is usually easily accessible plant labels, something to write with which still writes, string and of course scissors that are still capable of cutting.  I've idly thought someone should come up with some sort of collection point or filing system for these and at last someone has. And in very stylish form too.

Sophie Conran for Burgon and Ball - Image from on line catalogue

I just love the finish and colour of these pots and am sure they will inspire me to be super efficient. At the very least I shall know where everything is and all is easily visible.

Ever the eternal optimist I shall be using them to store my small garden knick knacks. In spite of not having a propagator, greenhouse or cold frame I aim to set seed in the hope I shall have somewhere to pot them out. If not, the garden club will be having a windfall.

The other items I looked at were a small garden tools caddy and a new potting table. Since I need to organise somewhere to pot up first - like a shed -this latter item is not high on my list of priorities but just look at the caddy.

Burgon and Ball catalogue

I know it says string on the side but think that could be easily lost, if you have secateurs, trowel, dibber etc in there. I think for me the little pots will work better.

But what a joy to just pick it up with all those little tools in. Getting quite giddy just thinking about being organised.

For me, a lot of the joy of gardening is dreaming about what you could have
and planning for that fortuitous event.

So I shall order these and hope to have somewhere to keep them soon. 
And somewhere to use them.

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