Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Has anyone watched the BBC programmes The Great British Garden Revival?

Whilst not agreeing that British Gardens need reviving per se, as more people, especially children, are becoming involved and learning to appreciate green spaces and plants, it's a moot time at the start of the gardening calendar to raise the profile of gardens.
Now is planning time, be it a re-design of your garden space or choosing and ordering roses, trees, shrubs, bulbs or seeds. 
Always an exciting time for me, though I tend to get carried away by the lovely photos and descriptions of the seed catalogues. One good thing about too many seeds is the option to share or swop with like minded addicts - either at the seed stage or any overproduction of seedlings. A garden club, friends and neighbours are perfect outlets, and the hope is of course that you will benefit from their over enthusiasm too.
This year however is a little different for me as I am currently garden-less, living in a flat with no outside space at all. Not even a Juliet balcony on which to perch a pot. So, I am perusing seed catalogues as usual but dreaming about what plants I shall grow once normality has returned to my world and I have a garden - or courtyard - or pots. 
If space is available I would love to create a kitchen garden, or maybe a cottage garden, or perhaps a hybrid of the two. Essentially anywhere I can grow edibles and ornamentals in a beautifully designed and crafted space.
Which is probably what the Great British Garden revival is all about: making whatever available outdoor space you have exactly how you want it. Pack it with loads of gorgeous plants to encourage wildlife, for the perfume, for the aesthetic value - or just to eat. 
Can't wait!

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